Subvisual Weekly #5

By Gabriel PoçaOn August 22, 2016

For this weekly, I want to recall how we first started doing code reviews. We were young and striving to follow the great minds in this field. So Miguel and I decided to revisit our old pull requests and read the comments.

We had pull requests with over 100 comments. There is one with exactly 200 comments! We would argue about everything: should this variable be called "width" or "size"; should we use Rails concerns or not; should we declare JavaScript arrays inline or multiline; does this class have a good enough name; which order should we put CSS rules in.

We were clueless and naive. It is embarrassing. I actually want to punch my past self in the face.

Sometimes we fail to see how much we've grown. So that is my challenge to you: go back and read the conversations your team had, either on Github, Slack, or any tool you use. Enjoy the embarrassment and appreciate how far you've come.

Back to work

There is nothing special going on because everyone is on vacations. I just want to give props to these guys.

The summer camp interns

They are in the summer camp and doing amazing work. They just finished a design sprint and are now going to plan and build the product. I hope to feature their story here!

Last but not least, the usual, interesting content that we gather from all over the internet.

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