Subvisual Weekly #6

By Gabriel PoçaOn August 29, 2016

Our new office is great. The team is growing, so the extra space and meeting rooms help maintain our sanity. We'll be hosting the next editions of BragaJS and BragaUX, so it's the perfect excuse for you to visit us and see it.

For me, the best part of this office is how I get here: a 10 minutes walk from home. It's refreshing. I wasn't aware of how much car traffic and noise affected my mood before. Here's a picture of the road, so quiet:

A street

Back to work

Fernando is doing his master's thesis on the subject of Smart Offices. I'm not very fond of including more technology in my life, but this is really interesting. He has some cool ideas involving doorbells, air conditioners, lights and everything. Unfortunately, he has been struggling with hardware; things don't work, and he doesn't know why. I asked him to write about it on the next weekly, and he'll tell you all about what he's going through. Stay tuned

Last but not least, the usual, interesting content that we gather from all over the internet.

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