Subvisual Weekly #10

By Summer CampersOn September 29, 2016

We did it. We made it happen. MirrorConf is done. By now, all of our team is remembering how great and rewarding MirrorConf turned out to be. All the effort and time invested was totally worth it. Even being on Subvisual’s internship program, I felt like I was part of something beautiful.

MirrorConf's attendees hanging out

We did it. We made it happen. MirrorConf is done.

By the way, I’m João, and it was my first time on this kind of experience as a staff member in an international conference. I was given the opportunity to participate actively behind the scenes, which gave me the flexibility to meet a lot of interesting people and also listen carefully some of the industry leaders speaking.

Coming from management and marketing backgrounds, I am used to getting access to the final product and start working from there. That being said, the days before the conference I wondered if being among a crowd of front-end developers and designers wouldn't be kind of weird for a marketer, like maybe I wouldn't fit. It turns out I couldn't be more wrong.

Tibor Kranjc

How important it is to just listen.

Sometimes we forget how important it is to just listen to others, understand other ways of thinking and different point of views. That’s the richness of being in a conference; that’s richness of this world. As a marketer, I absorbed as much as I possibly could and, assimilating all of this I could understand some inputs to figure out where I should use this knowledge shortly.

Dan Mall

Understand wants and needs.

We were all there to understand our wants and needs. As humans, we are social beings first, who happen to use and experience tools. Questions like: “how could a company sell this or that product? How should our company interact and engage with customers?" - should be answered. In marketing language, we translate this to: what is the market trying to tell us? How could we improve to deliver a better service? We should learn to use these inputs accurately and work on them. It is vital to develop a synergy between the marketing team, the developers, and the designers, to build more human products and services. I know that in the end is all about serving people even having a short experience in this industry.

I know now that I lived an extraordinary moment, that I will always remember for the upcoming years as the very first edition of Mirror Conf. This is a beautiful memory to keep, and I can't wait to create new ones.

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First Day of MirrorConf 2016 from Os Tais.

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