Announcing MirrorConf 2017: the ultimate digital paradise

By Roberto MachadoOn February 27, 2017

We’re ready to announce that the 2nd edition of MirrorConf is happening on October 12-13!

Again this year, this is an event envisioned by Subvisual, although everyone is invited to help us put it together. We want to join forces and unite the community, to create the best event we possibly can.

I'm new here, what is MirrorConf?

MirrorConf is a conference that merges the world of design and front-end. It’s curated and organized by front-end developers and web designers and aims to be a conversation between people in this industry. It will be held in an informal setting and laid back environment, with a broad range of speakers, from UX to Accessibility experts, sharing knowledge and experiences with the participants.


The conference will take place once again in the beautiful city of Braga, Portugal’s third biggest city, with an incredible history and a fantastic University. Braga can be described as an ancient, historic city, filled with young people determined to make a difference. We have great tech companies here, with significant international relevance, as well as young companies and startups.

What can you expect for this year's edition?

We are still getting things in shape, for now, we'd like to announce we will have workshops with some of the finest experts in the industry! You can already see the dream list of speakers that we are gathering on the website, and know that we are launching a Call For Proposals (CFPs) to talk on MirrorConf, more about this bellow.

Interested in speaking at MirrorConf?

This year at MirrorConf we want to give you the opportunity to share the stage with our invited list of speakers. For those unfamiliar with this process, you can read more about this here. In our case, we are looking for designers and developers that want to talk about their craft, and share practices, methodologies and other tricks that can help others improve. Visit our page on the PaperCall to submit your talk.

Expect three full days of immersive knowledge gathering with top speakers, an amazing group of people attending, a fantastic venue with delicious food, in a lovely city. We hope to welcome you all this year in Braga!