We had a blast in the last three years with RubyConf Portugal. Seriously, it was one of the most pleasuring things to do and we can not thank enough everyone that helped us put this together. All of you that attended the conference, all the speakers, sponsors, and volunteers, thank you again for all the support. But friends, it’s time for a pause. We will not be organizing RubyConf Portugal 2017.

Is this the end?

No! It’s a pause. We will be back in 2018 and probably early in the year. As a matter of fact, if you want to help next year, we will start taking sponsors and speakers soon. Send us an email and let’s talk.

Why stop for a year?

After three consecutive years, we haven’t seen improvements in the Portuguese Ruby community. On the contrary, some good gatherings disappeared. When we first started our main goal was to boost our local communities, and have RubyConf PT as the epicenter. The result seemed to be that instead of being an event to bring everyone to the table, it became an oasis. We will use this gap year to work with people from other cities to try and reconstruct an organic community. Please send us an email if you are interested in helping.

Can someone else organize it?

Of course, this is an independent event organized by the community for the community. However, we do appreciate that you respect our decision and join us in making next year’s edition an absolute blast.

Will you still organize any big event?

Yes! We will be putting together the second edition of MirrorConf, a conference for designers and front-end developers. If you are interested in helping us, shoot us an email.

We will continue doing our best to improve the Ruby Community in Portugal and around the world. We hope that you understand our decision and join us in our endeavors to rebuild a strong Portuguese Community as well as organize the best RubyConf Portugal has ever seen in 2018.