It has been more than three years since we hired our last developer, and I’m not sure that we even know how long since we last put out a job opening!

As a company, we have evolved a lot in the last (almost) seven years. We started as a Ruby on Rails Development shop, working with companies from all over the world. Later we shifted to a Design and Development Consultancy firm and, even more recently, to a Venture Studio that helps founders create global companies. We are certainly proud of our past list of clients, from AT&T, DoctorLink and Uphold, to helping in the development of exciting startups like UTRUST or Coverflex.

Along the way, we organized events such as RubyConf Portugal, Creators School, MirrorConf, several meetups, and other initiatives that forced us to grow beyond our natural craft.

Turning Subvisual into a relevant company was accomplished by a fantastic group of 12 people. Helped by a vast group of friends that we have gathered from across the globe, to whom we will be forever grateful.

Internally, we fought hard to create a workplace in which everyone can feel welcome and part of the team. We make sure that we live by our values, and walk the talk. This can be something as simple as a weekly 30 minute catch up call, where we share what is going on in our personal lives, or something lengthier such as our retreat, where we spend 3 to 4 days together, rethinking the company, what we do and where we want to go.

In terms of hard skills, we’ve always been a full-stack oriented company. In our rapidly evolving environment, it was important for everyone to feel comfortable working on any level of the system, whether that was a design tweak on the UI or a performance issue in the back-end. We believe this horizontal knowledge to be essential, as it helps us understand the overall project much better, and allows us to communicate transparently with our clients.

Over time, however, we have grown not only as a company but as individuals. The nature of the projects changed a lot, and each of us started to tune their craft in a particular field.

Some of us focused on gaining expertise in building high-quality UIs for our products. Others have worked tirelessly on the infrastructure side to make those products more scalable and reliable. But our background as full-stack developers has allowed us to excel in different areas, without ever losing sight of the bigger picture.

We’re now looking for someone who can help us grow even more. Adding another human being to this equation as a full-time member of our company is something that really excites us.

About you

There isn’t a checklist of requirements that you need to tick to work at Subvisual. You don’t need proficiency with some technology, or a college degree. We expect that you love what you do, respect the job, and work sustainably.

For this role, the two things you need are knowledge in the field of UI development, and the will to learn more, the latter being way more important than the former. Having a Continuous Improvement mindset is crucial for us.

We set high expectations for ourselves, and we’ll set the same for you. As a front-end developer, you are expected to collaborate with everyone. You are expected to learn about animations, accessibility, and performance. And more importantly, you are expected to contribute and take the lead in these subjects. We want you to be passionate about the web and explore its boundaries.

You are expected to be autonomous. We rely on you to manage yourself and help manage others. You should be confortable interacting with clients directly. You will have to ask as opposed to wait to be asked. You should be open to and give clear feedback. We want you to take a stand and disagree, but also commit to the team’s decision when agreements need to be reached. We value strong opinions weakly held.

We want you to give back. It’s one of our core values. We want you to participate in meetups, organize events, write blog posts. Are you not used to that? No worries, a lot of us weren’t when we joined Subvisual. We are here to help you get comfortable with sharing. All you need to bring to the table is the will to do that.

You will have to be a mentor. Not only inside the team, but also the people that might join us looking to get into this industry.

Salary and Benefits

We don’t benchmark our pay. We pay honest salaries that we want to grow continuously. We aren’t yet in a position to pay everyone San Francisco salaries; we would love to. What we can offer is above the market salary, with quarterly reviews.

We offer a set of Benefits at Subvisual focused on your well being, mostly outside of work. We want you to live a sustainable life, where we respect your individual values, but nudge you to be healthier. That includes a Gym membership, health insurance, budget for books, opportunity to attend conferences, and other events, physiotherapy, and a lot of good moments to relax with the team as well as outside of the company.

We are remote-friendly, working towards becoming a Remote Team. We do still have two offices, one in Portugal and another one in Boston, both of which we will keep, but you are free to work from anywhere (within a reasonable timezone difference). We subsidize coworking spaces or home offices, to provide you the best possible environment to work, regardless of where you are. We will also invest in your continuing education, on the professional or hobbyist level.

We offer unlimited paid vacations, and you are free to take a longer journey once in a while, whitin reason. We do need to make sure that we continue a sustainable and profitable company after all.

How to apply

If you think this is you, send an application e-mail to with your name, your portfolio with visual examples of what you have done in the past, Github link and a cover letter explaining why you want to join us, as well as describing a recent technology you like and why you like it. Provided your application meets these criteria, we will be in touch.

Join us! We’ll love to have you!