Open Source Fridays - 2nd Edition

By Luis FerreiraOn March 24, 2014

On the second edition of the Open Source Fridays, here's what we've done:

  • I opened a pull request for a project called m that makes it easier to run Test::Unit and Minitest tests. Here's a link.
  • Miguel was working hard on WebRTC, a great technology that is yet maturing and thus needs a lot of love. The net result was 1 pull request, 1 issue and a demo page.
  • Gabriel helped out the guys at HabitRPG by integrating it with grunt-phonegap. Here's the pull request.
  • João and Roberto were ultimating the details for the launch of a super secret project that we'll unveil later this week. This is a good one. ;)
  • Gabriel and Roberto were also rewriting the docs and fixing some scripts on the Shelf, our company library manager, in order to make it more user friendly. Go check it out, it's 100% open source.

We're contemplating the possibility of releasing this as a newsletter instead of a weekly post. What do you think?