Announcing our Summer Apprenticeship Program

By Roberto MachadoOn June 17, 2014

We are launching two apprenticeships for this summer starting in the end of June. We are looking for highly curious people that are eager to learn more about the magic world of the Web and Mobile. If you are a newly-graduate, finishing your master's degree or just trying to improve your craft, this is a unique opportunity to learn side by side with our amazing team. We don't believe anyone should work for free, so this will be a remunerated apprenticeship.

In our apprenticeship program, you will work on both internal and client projects, tackling real problems while respecting our high quality standards. This will demand a great sense of responsibility and full-commitment, but you'll get a ton of experience that will definitely help you on your future endeavours. We will accept two types of apprentices: designers and developers.

###Design Apprentice

A qualified design apprentice will have experience with graphical design for the web or iOS/Android as well as HTML and CSS. Design apprentices will learn to work with a focus on User Experience, by designing for the other side of the screen. We'll get them through our design process and give them experience with real projects, solving real problems.

###Developer Apprentice

A qualified developer candidate will be at a beginner/intermediate level with Ruby on Rails and/or JavaScript. Developer apprentices will learn and work with Ruby on Rails, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, Sass, git, Unix, and agile software development.

###Is this for you?

We look for candidates who have a proven passion for design and development and who have demonstrated the ability to learn quickly. Candidates should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

This program is ideal for either recent graduates or more experienced candidates making a technology or career change, and it's a great opportunity to work with a forward-thinking company, composed of great professionals that are passionate about teaching and getting better at their craft.

Would you like to work with us? We would be delighted to take you on, so apply here and come on board: