About four years ago, when our company was still taking its first steps and hardly making any money, we invested 250€ to support a small ruby conference called RubyNorte. Since we only had 200€ in our bank account, we actually had to put the extra 50€ from our own pockets. As naive and premature as it was, it is a perfect example of how much we value community, and how it is at the core of our company's culture.

With this in mind, when João, Francisco and the rest of the team suggested we should organize a conference that combined two areas that we work with every day my answer was: "Yes, let's do this!".

Since then we've been working hard to bring you Mirror Conf, a conference that merges the world of design and front-end. It will take place on September 23rd and 24th, in Braga, Portugal.

Mirror Conf is curated and organized for front-end developers and web designers and aims to be a conversation between people in this industry. It will be held in an informal setting and laid back environment, with a broad range of speakers, from UX to Accessibility experts, sharing knowledge and experiences with the participants.

Who is behind this?

Mirror Conf is organized by Subvisual and Gen Design Studio. We are excited to be putting together such an event with our long-time friends with whom we have shared office space, wine and this ambition of organizing a carefully curated conference. The trigger point for both companies was without a doubt the opportunity to unite the community around two topics that are dear to us on a daily basis, along with our conviction that we could host a fantastic event.

What can you expect?

We are still getting things in shape and will soon enough start announcing some of our speakers but, for now, what we can promise is this: expect two full days of immersive knowledge gathering with top speakers, an amazing group of people attending, in a fantastic venue with delicious food, in a lovely city. More information on the website.

I can't wait to welcome you all in Braga, come September 23rd and 24th.