Launching Subvisual's Summer Camp

By Roberto MachadoOn June 1, 2016

Summer is coming, and most of us are looking for things to do during the summer when we have way too much free time. That's why we decided to create an opportunity for you to spend that time investing in yourself by learning and practicing the craft of software design and development.

Who is this for?

We are looking for recently graduated or still in college students that want to have a practical experience, working in a real world environment. The requirements are similar to what we already have for our Apprenticeship program, but we don't expect to see such an extensive portfolio. We are mostly looking for design and development interns, but if you are looking for a marketing or sales internship and want to get into the tech scene, you might also be a good fit.

What is the program?

The program will last ten weeks, and it will start on the 15th of July. During these ten weeks, you will be designing and developing new products in a real world scenario. Basic training and mentorship will be given by the Subvisual team throughout the program.


The summer camp will happen at our office in Braga. You can not do it remotely, because we feel face to face time is really important in such an intensive program. If you need to take a couple of days during the program that is OK, we understand that also you have a personal life, and these are your summer holidays after all.

Will I be paid?

We will pay for all the food you'll need. If for some reason you need extra financial support you should apply anyway, and we can try to reach an agreement, we don't want you to lose this opportunity for financial reasons.

How can I apply?

To apply submit this form and wait for an email from us with further instructions, and don't worry, we'll reply to all emails. Submissions will be open until June 17th, but you should apply right away!