Subvisual Weekly #1

By Gabriel PoçaOn July 22, 2016

Our journey begins in the sunny city of Braga, as we adventure ourselves through the tall, green, grass. We were not prepared for this. But we pushed through. An empty Pokédex and just one Pokéball in our pockets, ready to take on the world.

This week we are proud to announce that we caught a Pokémon of type "Developer": Fernando Mendes.

A picture of our coworker Fernando Mendes

Fernando studied at Minho University, and some of us have known him for a while. His combat power is unknown, but he's a talented young developer, and he will join us in this adventure.

And for all of the Game of Thrones fans, here is a picture of us playing Game of Thrones Board Game and Risk: Game of Thrones in the last company retreat.

A picture of the team playing board games

Back to work.

Do you ever get the feeling that you keep making the same mistakes over and over again? As if you were completely aware of them, but at the same time never able to prevent them.

Software development is an area where you only see the results of your decisions very late in the game, and by that time your priorities have already changed, and you're not in a position to learn and iterate on the results. That's why we have Friday Talks.

Friday Talks are about sharing knowledge. New and old. Technical and soft skills. Approaching clients and projects. Doing retrospectives and post-mortems. It's about improving ourselves as individuals and as a team.

This week we had two Friday Talks. A first one by Ronaldo, sharing his experience developing an analytics platform for a client. Like all of us, Ronaldo is a full stack developer, and his talk was about the challenges and solutions in building the platform using NodeJS and Redis, and integrating it into an existing Docker cluster. In the second talk, we had Laura, our Chief of Operations, doing a review of the last quarter's financials.

We do not record Friday Talks, but we can share Ronaldo's slides and answer your questions. Feel free to make them in the comments section or on Twitter.

Last but not least, the usual, interesting content that we gather from all over the internet.

###A Simple Introduction to Lean UX As we strive to avoid middle management, we put a big effort into processes. Lean UX is a useful technique to use in an Agile environment. It is focused on the experience under design and less in traditional UX deliverables. The objective is to obtain feedback as early as possible.

Instant-loading Offline-first (Progressive Web App Summit 2016)

Jake Archibald talks about offline-first and the solutions available to deliver a better experience to offline users. He takes the topic a little further and talks about what he calls Lie-fi: when the phone says it has signal, but you can't do anything with it. These are the users with the worst experience, and there are a lot of things we can do about it.

Intercom Blog

You have to see this, such a beautiful redesign of Intercom's blog.

Tech Trends 2016

This is a list of technologies that people believe will radically transform businesses in 2016 and beyond. My bet is in Film reviews, written by your hearbeat. What do you think?