We have been working on expanding to a new location for a while now. We love Braga, and it will continue to be to be our home and HQ, but now we have a new office in Boston, MA. I will explain our motivations to do so, and our plans for the following months.

Thinking Global

From day zero we've always thought that the world was our playground; we knew that Portugal had a limited market for a web & mobile company, especially one that wants to build products that actually make a difference. One small detail that can attest to this goal is we never had a website in Portuguese (and yes, we love our language).

Opening a new office in a different country, especially one that is considerably more expensive than our own can present a significant task, but it is a necessary step to fulfill our goals for the coming years.

##Getting Closer We pride ourselves on having a close relationship with all of our clients. We spare no efforts to make the relationship evolve from client to partner, as we believe our job is not only to deliver what the client asks for but also to make sure they have all they need to be successful.

We embrace our clients' goals and dreams, making them our own. Being in Braga means that most of our clients will have anywhere between 5 to 8 hours of time zone difference. This is our reality, a challenge that took us a few years to master. Product development is hard, but doing it remotely is a whole different game.

We are confident that being closer to our clients will improve the way we work with them, particularly when combined with all the experience we have accumulated in almost 5 years developing products with clients from all corners of the globe.

Building Products

Boston is an amazing city, one that I have had the chance to visit a couple of times. In every one of those visits, I was able to sense the vibrant tech scene and get a test of the innumerous exciting projects being started daily.

By moving to Boston, we expect to double down on our efforts to build amazing products that make a difference in the world. We want to partner with local entrepreneurs to help them bring to market innovative solutions in the three top areas that we defined as our target verticals: healthcare, finance, and education. We know all these are relevant in Boston, particularly the healthcare space, which will have a lot of our attention.

New City, New Opportunities, Same Culture

The opening of a new office will bring new opportunities for our team members but also for people that want to join the company. We are particularly looking for a Business Developer with roots in the Boston tech community to join us part-time or full-time in Boston. If you are interested or know someone who is, please send me an email.

Our office is located at the CIC in Kendall Square. If you' happen to be nearby, please come in and say hello. Coffee is on us!