If you read the subject of this email and thought: ‘hm, this is different’, you’re absolutely right.

It’s no secret that content has always been a big deal for us and something we’re proud of producing, and these newsletters are no different. We see these as a way of connecting with our community and as an opportunity for us to show you what we’re up to.

For all this, we decided to keep this information as substantial as possible. We won’t bother you with useless data and are committed to making this a collaborative process, so if you have something you'd like to share with us, please reach out.

Now that that 2022 has kicked off we can easily understand where things are going:

Web3, DAOs and NFTs

2021 was the year of NFTs, DAOs and Web3, but we expect that 2022 will bring us an even bigger growth. In an article by Lawrence Wintermeyer for Forbes we can read that “2022 is already living up to the hype. New trends are shaping the business of Web3 and DAOs look to be the cornerstone of next generation digital infrastructure and the future of blockchain technologies.“

We, along with several others, predict that even more people and companies will join the DeFi train, in part due to web3 becoming more user and mobile-friendly. We’ll experience a boom in industry-focused NFTs as well as in new products that will benefit from a technological sandbox that makes things easier to built. At the same time, the Metaverse is still ours to explore, so we know that this will also play a big role in the months ahead.

How do we know this? We’re working on several products with founders on the frontline to build products tackling these opportunities and we’re excited to learn even more about all these topics as we keep our focus on helping our community navigate this industry.

We are hiring, and so is almost everyone

We trust that talent acquisition will also play a big role in the following months. Take our example: our Universe of companies is expanding and for that, we’ll need more people aboard this mothership. In this ever-more-borderless world, we’re not just looking into our community; we’re eager to explore new opportunities, discover the amazing talent all countries have to offer and be more conscious when it comes to diversity. While this is true for us and our friends, we’ve been noticing that this is a reality for almost every industry.

The future belongs to those who build it, so let’s build it together. In 2022, community and education are core topics at Subvisual, so keep tuned to see what we’re preparing.

p.s- Did we mention we’re hiring? Check our current openings and join our Universe.