A Substantial Guide to Web3

So you’re interested in web3, but what could you be doing as a developer to get yourself further emerged in these technologies? We’ve been gathering a lot of information from people in the industry as well as common questions people have on how to start in the web3 space. Here’s how we address these common questions:

  • Why web3?
  • Is it too late to join?
  • Does moving into web3 mean a career shift?
  • How can I learn the essentials to work on this industry?
  • How can I start building?
  • Are there only opportunities for developers?
  • What kind of job opportunities can I find in the industry?

Why web3? If you’re a problem solver, a builder, someone that wants to help push the web forward then, most likely, you’ll want to consider work on web3. Here, we will not go into the philosophical discussion of if there’s really a web 3.0 or not, we will just state a growing evidence: this space is happening, evolving at exponential speed, building breakthrough technologies and products with a growing adoption and changing paradigms and behaviours forever. So, if you’re a builder, an entrepreneur, a student or a corporate executive the real question is how much long can you stay away from knowing more about web3?

Is it too late to join? When we talk about web3 there’s this instant impulse to think about crypto and many of the crypto fortunes’ stories. Quite often this suggests a feeling of being late to the space.

We claim that those stories were just the start and so much is yet to come! In a sense, those stories were led by pioneers exploring the immaculate wild west and now that there are maps and train rails we just have to make sure that you grab the right train that will lead you to the best opportunities. To be clear, Web3 is packed with technical and market opportunities regardless of the degree of expertise you’re on. Just take a look how the landscape is expanding every quarter: crypto, tokens, protocols, exchanges, wallets, deFi, NFTs, yield, DAOs, POW, POS, L1, L2…
Besides, don’t worry, financial upside is just a natural consequence of working in this industry.

Does moving into web3 mean a career shift? Let’s not be dramatic, ok? Web3 is not that different. Once you understand how it works, you’ll likely feel that building for the blockchain is like building for any other system.

How can I learn the essentials to work on this industry? Just like any other topic in this industry, content is growing immensely every week. At times, finding the right sources can be hard that’s why we share here some references. To start learning about web3 you might want to consider: books & videos, knowledge bases and communities, DAOs, events and offline learning initiatives. [btw. stay tuned we have some big news about this. We’ll let you know on April, 5th)

Books & Videos If nothing else read or watch Andreas M. Antonopoulos material. Also you might want to consider: Mastering Blockchain : Unlocking the Power of Cryptocurrencies, Smart Contracts, and Decentralized Applications How to Defi The infinite machine

Infinite pools of real time knowledge sharing (and noise or advertising) Twitter always a winner in this race, but you might want to consider reddit, Mirror.xyz, medium or substack. Just type the keyword you have in mind on the search bar and start somewhere.

Knowledge bases & Communities Easy now, choose one link, follow that path and later you can choose another, let’s try to avoid being overwhelmed and build grounded learning.

DAOs This is an amazing way to learn and to become active on a community. Try these:

Events, Communities & Offline Learning Opportunities Community building is, in fact, quite a big thing in this industry so don’t forget to join events, meetups or hackathons to explore the tech, contribute and meet new people. Events are back, in April we’ll have another amazing Denite and Braga.Blockhain in Braga. Find more events here https://denites.com/

Also in April, we will be in Amsterdam for the https://devconnect.org/ and we and Lightshift Capital joined forces to organize a Starknet Workshop let us know if you are interested in joining.

If you need a while to get organized, consider joining https://www.ethlisbon.org/ on the last 2022 quarter.

How can I start building? We already mentioned the possibility of cooperating with DAOs, but definitely we suggest that you explore the landscape of Bounties and Grants at https://gitcoin.co/ so that you can start your path.

Are there only opportunities for developers? Not at all. The more the industry grows the more different roles are needed: Team & Talent management, compliance, operations, marketing, business development, UX design, you name it. However, allow us to expose one critical opportunity that one might not expect: community building is essential for most web3 projects. Obviously, there’s a lot to be built by engineers and developers on the backend and frontend but the demand is not exclusive to these skills.

What kind of job opportunities can I find in the industry? This space is growing exponentially, reports even struggle to frame the amount of offers web3 companies are launching every month since there’s an absolute boom, an exciting frenzy of products to be built. Let’s sum it up to a generic: it’s a great space to be in, where you’ll find several opportunities that will provide you the context to grow as a professional and raise the standard of your technical capacities. Despite many are still working on the core infrastructure that will enable web3, there’s also a broad scope of products being built: from NFT marketplaces to DApps. There are many opportunities, make sure that you develop criteria to assess them all and that you can choose wisely. At https://crypto.jobs/ you’ll have a glimpse of what the industry is looking for, however, why not reach directly Zé Pedro, Subvisual’s Team & Talent Manager and explore our internal opportunities? Spoiler alert: our friends from Utrust, Finiam, Onda, invisible Lab, Talent Protocol, PinkRoom, Sandclock, Aura, Lightshift Capital … are hiring.

Growing the web3 community: our commitment and contribution

At Subvisual we’re always on the lookout for talented people to join us. Whether that’s by joining our team or a company within our Universe, we want to keep growing and be joined by the most amazing people out there.

The well-being of our team is something that plays a big role in our daily routines. We are a remote team, working from anywhere in the world and we try to make our people as comfortable as possible. We believe that transparency and autonomy are the best way to create a feeling of belonging and that they actually contribute to excellency when it comes to deliverables.

Take it from Joana, who joined us as a Product Designer last July and says “I was already a part of Subvisual’s Universe, which meant I already knew the team and that I shared their values. Thanks to that, becoming a part of the team was a no-brainer, and I couldn’t be happier with my work so far.” As for Álvaro, our Project Manager, he said “I’m proud to work at Subvisual because I know my voice is heard and my opinions are valued. For me, it was essential to work at a company where the team’s mental health and well-being was deeply valued, and I definitely found that here”.

So if you, or anyone you know, would like to be a part of this journey alongside us, reach out or check the our jobs page.

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