SubMonthly #7 - How Content Shapes A Team

Submonthly 7th: How content shapes a team

Content plays a huge part in a company’s success, whether that’s by showing clients that we know what we’re talking about, or sharing how it’s like working with us. It’s no surprise that the knowledge we share and the experiences we tell can shape the way others perceive us and help them decide if they’d like to work with us or not. And for Subvisual, that’s no different.

When we were starting out, we leaned on others’ expertise and experience to figure out our own path. Our founders had to do a lot of research, read through countless blog posts and listen to a few podcasts in order to learn more on how to run a company and decide what type of team they wanted to build.

If you know something, write it down.

Valuable content helped us shape Subvisual, so we made an effort from the early start to give some of that knowledge back to the community. We try to take every opportunity as a chance to share what we’ve learned and be as transparent as possible.

Running a company is hard and we don’t ever want to make it feel easy so we’d rather share what we’ve learned with the world. This is why we started our blog and these newsletters — to write about topics that we truly feel that may help other companies. To achieve this, we try to provide different perspectives on different topics, from communication techniques, to development languages to raising capital.

While we love writing about things we’re passionate about, we also encourage our team to learn new things and find new topics of interest. That’s why we invite people from our universe and community to write on our blog so that we can also learn something, and share it with the world. An example of this is when we asked Finiam’s CEO José Gomes to write a piece about fintech and the result was awesome. Check it out.

Surround yourself with people you’ll learn something from.

Another thing we’ve tried to do with the help of our amazing community, is organizing conferences and talks where we invite experts to share content about a specific topic. Some examples of this are Mirror Conf, Ruby Conf or Alchemy Conf, where we tried to create a space where we asked experts on a specific topic to share valuable content not only with ourselves, but with whoever wanted to listen.

Content as Subvisual is also materialized through our Friday Talks, where we invite someone to give a talk on a topic they’re passionate about. We’ve had Friday Talks that cover all types of topics, from development languages and new technologies to motivation tips and personal hobbies.

Content within our Universe

Content is being worked on not only by us, but also by lots of teams within our Universe. Depending on the business area, it’s really interesting to see how each of them looks at content and how to manage it.

For example, Onda uses content as a way to engage with its followers. This is a clever way of not only showcasing their services, but also getting people involved with what they’re doing. Social media is the perfect way to achieve this as it allows for strong content and bold visuals that tell a story.

On the other hand, Finiam uses its blog as a way to showcase their latest achievements or projects and share topics that may interest their network.

A great example of this is their Medium post on why Cryptocurrency brands need to communicate more. You can check it out, here.

At the end of the day, we try to keep an eye on new ways to improve how we manage content and to continue to push interesting topics that our community has an interest in. In fact, a few months ago we actually decided to update our website because we felt the existing content no longer fits our needs.

This was not an immediate decision and took some time to get right, but we’ll share the final result and how we got there with you, on the next Submonthly. Stay tuned.