SubMonthly #8 - Making Websites and Making Friends

By The Subvisual TeamOn November 16, 2021

Submonthly #8 - Making websites and making friends

It’s been a busy couple of weeks but we’re back with another newsletter.

1. Making websites

Let’s start with some exciting news that came out this last month: we’ve updated our website! Since our very beginning, our online presence always revolved around our values and our goals. The universe was always a big part of our identity, as well as our team. So why did we change it? We decided it was time for a change as we knew that with a new visual identity and great content, we could create something that better suits our current mission. To understand what we mean, we invite you to take a trip with us to the past.

As a team in 2016 we were pretty much the same people we are today except now we look older and actually know who we are. We welcomed some new faces since then, but most of us have stick around. We knew what we wanted to do and what our mission was, but we did everything in a colourful, straightforward way. For this reason, our website looked very different than it does today, because, in our core activity we changed a lot since those days. We weren’t good enough at showcasing what we did well and how we could be beneficial, so our content lacked personality and was a bit generic.

Our website in 2016.

From there, we decided to make ourselves look more professional and to update our online presence. We moved into a simpler UI, a clear messaging and showcase more of our work. In retrospective, we lost some of our identity with the design and decided to be a little too simplistic in our approach.

Even so, this was a great basis for our next iteration which you may be familiar as it was the one that remained until last week.

2017-2018 2019-2021

We started out our year knowing it was time to create a new website that spoke to our audience in a more clear manner. We’re no longer just a small company in Braga, we’re working with companies from across the globe and we want to continue doing so. For that, we needed a platform that we could use as a basis for possible partnership conversations, that showcased what we do, while at the same time shedding light on the talent we have but also worked as a tool to attract even more amazing people.

Current version of the website.

We now have all that. We have a website that works for all our different endeavours while being absolutely beautiful to look at — thanks again to our friends at Onda for the design and implementation. We know this is not a finished product because we’re always evolving, but we're very happy with the result after working on this for months.

2. Making Friends

In October we gathered the team and headed south for a week of knowledge sharing, meeting new people and seeing some familiar faces after almost two years of working from home.

Our first stop was ETH Lisbon, a hackathon for Web3 dedicated teams. We were made aware of this event thanks to our friends at Lightshift Capital and as soon as we took a deeper look, we knew it was the right fit for us. Several teammates from our companies joined forces and competed with bravery at the hackathon. A new legend was born: the Train to the Metaverse.

During those days, we also attended Lisbon Blockchain Week and hosted a Blockchain & Solidity course along with Utrust for a full-house of people who were interested in learning more about the subject and who had their own valuable contributions. We realised that this was something that a lot of people were interested in and that gave us the needed motivation to continue doing this and hosting different workshops and talks.

Miguel Palhas teaching - Blockchain & Solidity course speaker.

We sure worked and learned a lot, but there was also time to party and unwind. We attended Denites as one of the event’s co-hosts and got the chance to meet new players within the Blockchain industry, who were very inspirational and helped us understand how big this market is and how big of an opportunity it is to dive even deeper into this world.

Weeks like this are amazing because they re-fuel our passion and remind us of why we do what we do. We all get tired sometimes as we’re approaching the end of yet another year, but at the end of the day we are crazy about technology and we’re always looking for new ways of pushing our own boundaries.

Let’s continue on delivering innovation, creating cutting-edge products and meeting interesting people who will ultimately become new friends.

PS: We're hiring! If you're interested or you know someone who might be, check out our career opportunities here.

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