SubMonthly #1 - 2020: it's a wrap!

So, 2020... quite a year, right? Somehow it feels like ages but we're writing you to wrap up this massive year and let you know that we're here, we're healthy, grateful and optimistic for 2021.

At Subvisual we are infinite learners and this year was no exception. Here's some of our key take aways:

Moving to be fully remote

Going remote was a huge challenge, as we can all attest... here's what we did.


Growing as a company: new processes, people and Cambridge (MA)

We've put effort into expanding our capacities and to boost our strategic business operations both as a venture studio and a digital product development provider. We hired a Head of Ventures, a dedicated Business Developer and we reinforced our bet on the North American market. Drop us a line and don't lose the chance of meeting Michael, our Managing Director in Cambridge (MA).

35+ new projects

During 2020, we've worked on more than 35 projects alongside companies all across the world. We've collaborated with partners in industries as diverse as health, finance, insurance, and consumer goods.

Actually, summarizing everything helps us to see that 2020 was a very good year:

  • We worked on a handful of meaningful projects in the Fintech and Blockchain world, such as Filecoin, Omise, or Universal Protocol's [UPCO2 project], reinforcing our position as innovators and problem-solvers in this industry. In fact, Portugal Fintech featured some of Subvisual' powered ventures on their annual report, making us even prouder of the road we've been tracing;

  • Subvisual Universe' members are also growing: Utrust launched Hold and keeps adding new merchants to their list, Sioslife brings out Seninc — an innovative tablet specially designed for our elder friends and family —, and Coverflex prepares to onboard their first customers on a revolutionary solution for compensation, managing benefits, discounts, and insurance that makes it easy for companies and people to make the most of what they get;

  • Subvisual Live Talks invited 14 guests. We had the pleasure of leading conversations with such amazing people as Netlify's Principal Developer Experience Engineer, Cassidy Williams, Todoist's CTO, Gonçalo Silva, Webflow's Co-Founder, Bryant Chou, and Basecamp's Head of Strategy, Ryan Singer, along with other incredible guests in the tech world;

subvisual talks

  • We're content producers! This year we've published 30 articles covering topics such as team and talent management, business, investments and technology. Our ambition is very clear: we like to think of our company and our Universe as a place where we learn by sharing, and share while learning;

  • We have two big announcements for Elixir adopters and curious developers and entrepreneurs: we're launching an outline on why or if you should choose Elixir for Startups and we're announcing a new edition of Subvisual Elixir workshop, focused on CTOs - soon to be launched;

  • We continue our efforts and commitment with social challenges and our communities by supporting meaningful social impact projects such as Tech4Covid, Portuguese Women in Tech, and through our involvement with the design and development of a regional Covid-support community, MinhoCovid19.

Well, if you're reading this, it means that, somehow, you're part of the happy story we're trying to build.


We're grateful for a very meaningful year. Challenging times require empowered communities, trustworthy partners and an optimistic perspective.

In 2021, Subvisual will continue to expand business operations so that you can rely on us as trusted partners for new products, innovative thinking, or even for launching a new venture.

Also, we would like to share that we're launching something new and perhaps you will have interest to know more about it. It's a training program that we hope to help us grow technologically and as business leaders, professionals and as individuals. Drop us a line if you want to be invited to exclusive sessions with worldwide experts and business leaders on how to develop and grow digital products and companies.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Please, enjoy life and have fun during this season and throughout 2021. Stay safe and stay tuned!

Forever learning,
The Subvisual Team.