SubMonthly #2 - The Fintech 20s

By The Subvisual TeamOn February 5, 2021

Happy 2021, everyone! 🥳 As a new year unfolds, and with it, a new decade arises, we want to send you our best wishes for happiness, prosperity and health.

Portuguese word of the year was "saudade". A word that can not simply be translated as missing something or someone but surely relates to what a lot of us are feeling at the beginning of new lockdowns all over the world. We want to soften the "saudade" that the pandemic situation has densed. We want you to feel less isolated. So, catch up with us, anytime, anywhere. We'll be happy to book a call and have a friendly chat.

With the new 20s just starting, it's time to look at the future trends. More and more we see companies turning into Fintech. Surprised that Facebook is launching a currency? We're not. Licensing, Core and Payment Systems, Data, Regulations, Fraud Detection and User Interfaces: the Financial industry has so many layers that there's no wonder that eventually every company will become a Fintech company.

Subvisual powered companies on Forbes Top 30

And that's part of the work we've been doing. Recently, Forbes published the biggest 30 Fintech companies in Portugal, where some of Subvisual powered projects were featured. Among many other promising ventures, Coverflex, Drivit and Utrust, have been defying the barriers of financial technology to bring up meaningful products for people and companies across the world. We're tremendously proud of being part of that journey to the top.

pt 30 biggest fintech

Outsourcing can be the key

This leads to another topic. There's an ongoing discussion about benefits and risks of outsourcing development teams to bring up your ideas to life. The Fintech industry, however, is so dense and touches so many complex layers that it quickly confronts us with technological challenges which frequently require other skills, or domain-specific knowledge, and bigger teams to boost the project delivery time. By encouraging transparency, assuring security, overall development and UX quality we have been working with very inspiring projects, such as Filecoin or Omise.

Endless possibilities, but here's what's hot and trendy on the Fintech world

Familiar with the terms Insurtech or Shopatainment? The Fintech world has been burning red hot for a couple of years and the flames don't seem to be waning anytime soon. We invited Finiam's CEO, José Gomes, to drop us a blog post about what's hot and trendy on the Fintech world. Here's his analysis to some of the ongoing trends on this industry.

We're also evolving

Welcome Zé Pedro! Welcome Pedro!

Last month, we said that we'd continue to expand our business operations so that you can rely on us; well, and that's what we did: Pedro is our new full-stack developer and Zé Pedro our new Team & Talent manager!

We hired a new talent manager to help us grow the team in the right direction - both in terms of team expansion and diversity, and also in terms of personal growth. Zé Pedro has had previous experiences in startups as well as corporate behemoths (you can find more about him here) and his mission is to help people achieve their full potential and live a more fulfilled life through work. You can drop him a line if you're keen to know more about any of these subjects. He's currently living in Toulouse (France) and therefore knows well what remote work is all about.

In a world marked by VUCA - volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity - we've often been told that the pandemic made companies experience a degree of change during the last year equivalent to several years under "normal" circumstances. Work is no exception.

With most offices closed, many people were forced to work remotely, and that poses new challenges. How do we keep purpose, engagement, resilience, and relationships - the ingredients for a satisfying work life - working, when so much has been disrupted?


Remote as the only alternative is very different from having a choice, and going to the office whenever you wanted to. There was a way to quickly replenish your levels of "work satisfaction". Not anymore. And that's taking a toll on us, even spilling into our personal lives.

We're all still trying to find the answers. That's one of the reasons why mental health, in all fairness, has become a trending topic. We at Subvisual are proud of having a culture where this is openly discussed and we think that's the way it should be. How has Covid-19 impacted you or your organization? What measures are you taking to face this new reality?

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