Last year, I had the opportunity to participate in the apprenticeship program at Subvisual Academy. This was a transformative experience, allowing me to immerse myself in the intricacies of web3 honing my developer skills, and above all, stepping into a realm of innovation and growth that I had long admired from afar.

I have regarded Subvisual as a reference for a long time. Their commitment to technical excellence and continuous innovation has always impressed me. The people-centered culture and values align with my vision, making Subvisual the perfect environment for my professional and personal growth. Furthermore, I am particularly interested in web3 and digital product development, which are Subvisual's areas of expertise.

My experience as an apprentice

Since my interest lies in web3, I decided to work on the ETHUI project. The ETHUI is a developer-centric wallet, focused on streamlining the smart contract development process. Written in Rust and makes use of the Tauri framework.

My main focus was the onboarding wizard, a component aimed at guiding users through essential setup processes, to ensure proper functionality. This involved helping to configure variables, generating a test wallet, and detecting if the browser extension was installed. Additionally, I integrated the feature of transferring Ether and ERC20 tokens across wallets, enhancing the wallet’s utility. Finally, I worked on adding support for GPG-backed wallets.

Although I had some experience with React, I refreshed my knowledge and learned new things while working on the project. However, the main challenge was venturing into Rust. It had been a while since I had learned a new programming language and Rust was a long-time interest of mine, so this was the perfect time to try it. Rust combines a lot of concepts from languages I was familiar with, into one well-engineered piece. It sure has a steep learning curve but learning this language was the most rewarding thing I did during my apprenticeship.

During my work on the ETHUI project, I got the opportunity to explore various tools related to blockchain development such as Foundry, Wagmi, and Viem, among others. Additionally, this experience helped me learn Rust and understand the codebase of a web3 product. Although I faced numerous unfamiliar concepts at first, I overcame the challenges and learned a lot from them.

From Apprentice to Intern

This apprenticeship was a rigorous learning experience that has boosted my confidence and versatility in tackling complex development challenges. Throughout the apprenticeship, I had the opportunity to engage in various discussions and knowledge-sharing moments that strengthened my skills. I am even more certain that Subvisual is the ideal place for me, providing a limitless environment for growth and supported by a team of excellent professionals.

After completing the apprenticeship, I embarked on a new journey as an intern at Subvisual. It's hard to believe that it’s already been three months, and I’m happy to say this learning journey has been even more fulfilling and satisfying than my previous experience as an apprentice.