Mirror Conf 2018

By Laura EstevesOn October 2, 2018

We’re happy to announce that the 3rd edition of Mirror Conf is happening in 17 days! \o/

That’s October 18th and 19th, if you don’t care about date math. :)

If you’ve never heard of Mirror Conf, it is a conference that aims to blur the differences and point towards a collaborative future between designers and front-end developers. Our goal is to gather talented designers and front-end developers from all over the globe in one event, bridging these two worlds and engaging them to share their experiences and their stories.

This year our theme is “The Future of the Web”, and we’re inviting you to a trip through time, from humanity’s first forms of art and culture to the unknown wonders the future might hold. For “to know your future you must first know your past” (to quote George Santayana).

So, if you’re a designer, a front-end developer, or any kind of person with an interest in design and making awesome stuff for the Web, this is an event we’re sure you will love.


This year the conference will take place once again in the beautiful city of Braga, Portugal’s third biggest city, with an incredible history and a fantastic University.

Our five-day adventure will start with three days of workshops hosted by Startup Braga at GNRation (map).

The conference itself will be hosted at Forum Braga (map), a brilliant renovated venue located in the heart of the city, designed for people and built to be modern, interactive, and environmentally sustainable. With one of the largest auditorium’s of the country, this will be the home of the biggest Mirror Conf yet.


Our line-up this year is as good as it gets, filled with some of the biggest names of the industry, including repeated presences in our program and newcomers alike. And if you want more, we invite you to come in early and extend your experience at Mirror Conf 2018 by attending a workshop by one of our speakers.

Here’s the full schedule:

Workshops (October 15-17th)

  1. Amber Case - Designing Calm Technology (October 15th)
  2. Vitaly Friedman - Smart Responsive Interface Design Patterns (October 15th)
  3. Mike Monteiro - Design is a Job (October 16th)
  4. Stephanie Troeth - Jobs-to-Be-Done for Better Product Strategy (October 16th)
  5. Lea Verou - CSS in 2018 (October 17th)
  6. Jared Spool - Designing for Delight (October 17th)

Conference Line-up (October 18-19th)

Mike Monteiro | Jared Spool | Stephanie Troeth | Vitaly Friedman | Amber Case | Lea Verou | Aras Bilgen | Arne Kittler | Jackie Balzer | Jessica Jordan | Vivianne Castillo | Sabine van der Eijk & Alina Leuca

Ticket discount

This year we want to make sure nobody misses out on this gathering of brilliant minds, crazy ideas, and interesting people. Therefore, dear latecomers, undecided, and forgetful, we’re offering you a last-minute discount, so that you can join us in what will be our best Mirror Conf ever.

We hope to see you in Braga. \o/