Announcing Subvisual Live Talks: Zamith, Josh Clayton, Saša Jurić and others

By Fernando MendesOn April 17, 2020

We just had our first Subvisual Live Talk. Besides our usual podcast, we wanted to try the concept of sharing some of our talks for a while now. Then Zamith took charge. Last Friday we premiered the first edition of a live stream with a very simple concept: a conversation with interesting guests. For us, simplicity is key.

The first stream features an hour of exciting conversation between our own host, Zamith and thoughtbot's Boston Managing Director Josh Clayton.

First Edition

Zamith and Josh dive into the nature of consulting work, building digital products, the essence of several programming languages, open source and many other topics. You can ask questions via the chat or by tweeting with the hashtag #subvisualtalks. If you missed it, we made the full-length VOD of the stream available for everyone out there.

What's next

We're aiming to make this a weekly occurence and already have a string of guests lined up. If you have any suggestions, feel free to tweet at us.

That being said, we're going to be back this Thursday, April 23 at 6 P.M. WEST (GMT+1) with a very special guest: Saša Jurić, renowed alchemist and author of Elixir in Action!

Announcing the second edition with Saša Jurić

We're aiming to make this the best possible experience for you, so if you have suggestions, we're only a DM/email away.

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PS: We're hiring a front-end developer! We're remote friendly, incredibly curious and a lovely bunch! You can find more details on our hiring blog post.