Subvisual Live Talks: One Month In

By Fernando MendesOn May 21, 2020

About a month ago we began our Subvisual Live Talks. A new and simple concept: streaming weekly conversations with interesting guests and friends. These conversations last for an hour and the subjects go from moving from the Marines to product consultancy, writing an Elixir book and being part of the Elixir community, optimizing Ruby's garbage collector, to unique moments like Aaron Patterson making 20 kg of cheese at home.

We eventually moved everything to YouTube and you can follow our channel there, in case you miss the live stream. They're happening every Thursday at 6 PM GMT+1. They've been very organic, we reach out to potential guests one or two weeks beforehand and just jump on a call with them. If you have any suggestions for people to invite, please do let us know on Twitter, at @subvisual!

We've been devoting quite some to Ruby. Last week we had @tenderlove join us and talk about Ruby's internals and his open source work.

Aaron Patternson, constantly smiling

The video is already available on YouTube for you to see. As always, Aaron carries a spark of his own, making it one of the funnest Live Talks we had!

This week we'll be continuing the Ruby trend and hosting Miles Woodroffe (@tapster), CTO at Cookpad and one of the best people we met at Ruby Conf Portugal!

Announcing Miles Woodroffe

You can follow us on Twitch for the live stream (Thursday, 6PM GMT+1) or follow us on YouTube for the VOD which should be available after a couple of days. You can also ask questions on the Twitch chat or tweet them at us using #subvisualtalks and we'll do our best to get our guests to reply!

One month in and it's been quite a journey. We've been learning a lot with our guests, of course, but also some weird directing and streaming tricks.

We're very happy with how things are shaping up, with the simplicity of the setup and also the incredibly insightful content the conversations carry. However, we've also reached a point where we want to hear from you. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions? How are we inspiring you? How could we one up everything? Let us know over at @subvisual and help us make the Live Talks even better!