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Having seen Subvisual’s work from the outside for some years now, I had no doubt that we could had their backup to deliver an high-quality product quickly. We not only got the product built on time, as we found out an highly engaged team and we can’t wait for the next opportunity to work with them again.

Rui Silva - Executive Vice President, Product


Working with Subvisual was a no-brainer. We knew we needed an experienced team that would be able to understand us on the first attempt and that was exactly what we found: a team that spoke our language and figured out exactly what we needed to quickly launch our product.

Miguel Santo Amaro - Co-Founder & CEO


Subvisual’s team was crucial to our success as they were with us since the company's inception. Together with the Founders, they were tireless and helped us through every step not only with the expertise that guided us throughout the journey, but also by actually providing a team to build the product with us.

Sanja Kon - CEO

Lightshift Capital

We found that Subvisual's team technical expertise and experience in the field were really important. At LightShift Capital we not only want to invest in digital assets, but also have a hands-on approach to our ventures so that we can have a clear role in their success. We trust that Subvisual's capacities definitely will be critical to achieve our vision.

Simão Cruz - Founder & CEO

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