By Pedro Costa

  1. Rebuilding

    In the end of 2018 we started working on a rebranding process for Subvisual. We grew beyond the identity we coined in 2015, and the brand needed to reflect it and our ambition for the future. We now have a story to tell.

    On June 25, 2020
  2. Fixing Too Many Open Files

    Your production environment is yelling out messages with "Too many open files" and nothing worked so far. Let me show you how to bump those limits up.

    On June 19, 2020
  3. It's not Continuous Delivery (yet)

    At Subvisual we have always advocated for Continuous Delivery in our projects. Recently we decided to teach this approach. But it so happened that, in our effort to learn more about Continuous Delivery, we learned that we ourselves are not actually doing it.

    On February 2, 2019
  4. The Trail Behind Me

    It has already been a year since my first day at Subvisual. I was no stranger to working with this team then. I made a point of joining the RubyConf Portugal organisation team ever since the idea first came up and I've been involved in all the meetups and activities that I could. Nonetheless, I thought a recap of the events, both those that led me here and those since I've been here, would be a fit way to celebrate the achievement.

    On November 18, 2016
  5. Subvisual Weekly #14

    We've all been there. We spend days, maybe weeks, planning something. We gather all the information and devise the ideal solution for that particular problem. But something happens, and our solution is no longer viable. It no longer solves the problem. The question now is, what's your backup plan?

    On November 8, 2016